Kids lessons Ages 3 - 12

Kids lessons

Children (ages 6 - 12):

Our instructors love to work with children and some have even made it their specialty. The success of our ski lessons for kids in Courchevel, and the loyalty of our customers who come to us year after year, confirm the reliability and effectiveness of our approach. Our goal is to make sure that your children progress, learn and have fun safely.

Tiny tots (ages 3 - 6):

The earliest age at which your child can learn to ski depends a lot on their character. Some toddlers are ready to ski from 3 years old. If your children are already in school or in a nursery, it will be easier for them to start skiing because they will be used to being separated from their parents. We recommend sessions from 1h30 to 2h00 for young children to limit fatigue. From age 4 or 5 they could be up for 3 or even 4 hour sessions witha lilltle hot chocolate stop in the middle. Our main objective is to give them a positive and fun first experience on skis and the snow.


Helmets significantly increase safety, and we consider them an essential for kids.