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Ski Mojo

The new Ski-Mojo Mark 2 is available for testing and on sale so please contact us to order.

What’s their secret?

The award winning Ski Mojo is a device worn discreetly under your ski-wear acclaimed as a ‘State-of the-Art-Exo-Skeleton’. Using precise engineering Ski Mojo can help you in several ways:
  • Reducing the strain skiing puts on your thighs to reduce or even eliminate thigh burn.
  • Ski Mojo takes up to one third of the strain off your knees. Less strain means less chance of damage and less pain if you already have injured knees.
  • Supports your posture-helping to relieve back pain, gets your hips forward making for easier turns.
  • Acts as a shock absorber- reducing the shock to all of your body caused by uneven terrain, improving your stability.
  • Ski Mojo gives your legs up to an additional 50% Power Boost – more power leads to a better control.
  • Acts as Traction Control – When you lose grip on ice or hard slopes, it reacts quicker than you do to find an edge.

Using Ski Mojo allows you to ski harder for longer. When you are not fatigued you are less likely to have an accident at the end of the day. By supporting a percentage of your body weight Ski Mojo gives you the opportunity to spend more time on the slopes, gives you a good all round aerobic work-out, and gives you the energy to ski longer and enjoy more!
  • Retail Price: 450 Euros including tax (shipping fees may apply).
  • Optional Boot Mounting & Initial Set Up: 45 Euros including tax (only available in Courchevel, Meribel and La Tania).
Ski Mojo Trial
If you're not sure if the Ski Mojo is right for you and prefer to try it before buying we can arrange for you to test it. This is only available for the moment in the 3 Valleys (Courchevel, Meribel and La Tania). Price: 50 Euros per day.
If you want to try or buy a Ski Mojo, please contact us or call +33 608 33 82 59


Your Basket :  0 product(s)

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